4/100 12X7 ITP SS112 set of 4 Wheels

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Tire Mounting:
Options available
Mini truck wheels are sold by the bolt pattern.
To determine the bolt pattern you need, measure from center of stud to center of stud across the center of the hub.
If it measures 4" you need the 4/100mm bolt pattern
If it measures 4.25" you need the 4/110mm bolt pattern
If it measures 4.5" you need the 4/115mm bolt pattern
You will also need to know the thread pitch of the studs.
The mini trucks use one of two lug nuts.
12x1.5mm or a 12x1.25mm
If you do not have a thread pitch gauge,
We recommend you take a lug nut to the local hardware store and see if a 12x1.5 or a 12x1.25 bolt will screw into the lug nut.
You are buying a set of 4 wheels, including chrome center caps, chrome valve stems and special chrome lug nuts.
*Please note: This chart is only for reference. 
Please be sure to measure out your mini truck wheel bolt pattern before placing your order.
 Make  Year  Bolt Pattern
 Suzuki & Mazda  1990-1995  4/115
 Suzuki & Mazda  1996-2003  4/100
 Mitsubishi  1990-1998  4/115
 Mitsubishi  1999-2003  4/100
 Daihatsu  1990-1998  4/110
 Daihatsu  1999-2003  4/100
 Subaru  1990-2003  4/100
 Honda  1990-2003  4/100
Lug Nuts
Honda & Subaru 12mm x 1.25 or 1.5
Suzuki 12mm x 1.25
Mitsubishi and Daihatsu 12mm x 1.5
Free Shipping Lower 48 on a set of 4 wheels.
Need tires on these wheels? Let us know, we can do it!